Ramesh Nagul, VP Engineering/CTO, VP Engineering and Chief Technology Officer

Ramesh Nagul, VP Engineering/CTO

VP Engineering and Chief Technology Officer


Ramesh serves as EnSoftek’s CTO and VP, Engineering. As such he is responsible for developing and delivering EnSoftek’s solutions and services in the public and private sector with a keen focus on healthcare solutions delivery. He is driven to solve problems and is responsible for key initiatives at EnSoftek.

Ramesh has a 26-year record of excellence in solving business problems using technology. He has held several senior engineering positions building and delivering complex IT solutions for global etailers such as Amazon, media networks such as Real Networks, massively multiplayer online gaming companies like Ultimatebet, Bodog.

Ramesh holds a BS in Computer Science from Ferguson, Pune and a Masters in Computer Science from Pune University. A music buff, you will find him humming a tune or two at various community events for charity.