Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Region 2

Superfund Records Management Support Services Case Study

Client Overview

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a federal agency with a mission to protest human health and environment. EPA Region 2 serves New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and eight tribal nations.

EPA’s purpose is to ensure that all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn and work.

Project Challenge

EnSoftek’s Contract is to provide Superfund Records Management support services (operates four Records Centers (RC)) to the EPA Region 2. Contract is partially Fixed Price (PreRemedial RC) and partially Fixed Hourly Rate (Remedial RC, Removal RC, and Active Contracts RC). EnSoftek successfully exceeded production expectations at a lower cost, ensuring operations never faltered by reaching the annual ceiling set by the COR for FY2012-FY2014.


EnSoftek’s overarching approach was to create a team-based, customer centered, anticipatory culture, streamline workflow, establish expectations, train staff and hold them accountable to do more high quality work with less effort and Full Time Employees (FTE).

Redesigned and stream lined processes collaboratively with COR, trained staff, implemented new process and as a result increased production from 2,400 files annually to 71,700 files annually, nearly a 30 fold increase since EnSoftek assumed the contract. This streamlining was done while keeping costs below budgeted levels.

Proposed innovative staffing modification that created document conversion clerk position at about half the cost per hour of the librarian tech.

In each task, PM trained and monitored staff in redesigned process. Revised processes based on lessons learned, staff suggestions and COR concurrence.

Job aids created to help ensure process compliance, consistency and to jog staff memory and reduce number of staff questions.

Member of EnSoftek management team visits RPA R2 monthly, meets with COR, identifies hot spots, gets COR input on overall satisfaction with performance, customer service attitude, communication quality with COR and EPA staff, trust for PM and staff, staff knowledge, level of innovation, timeliness of delivery, quality of production and productivity.

Project Results

Working collaboratively with EPA personnel, EnSoftek streamlined Region 2 Superfund Records workflow, improved processes, and redesigned procedures. These efforts increased annual production from 2,400 records / 176,600 pages in FY2011 (before EnSoftek began work on this contract) to 71,700 records / 3.9 million pages processed into SDMS in FY2013.