Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

IT Property Management, Receiving, Distribution, Installation and Refresh Services Case Study

Client Overview

FDA is responsible for advancing and protecting the public health by helping to speed innovations and assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.

Project Challenge

FDA needed an experienced contractor to provide management/operational support for the Receiving and Distribution Center (RDC) and Personal Computer (PC) Installation program. The contractor is tasked manage  the FDA Warehouses for receiving, preparing for use, delivering, deploying/installing/configuring, de-commissioning, and picking up computers and other Information Technology (IT) equipment for over 40 FDA locations within the Mid-Atlantic Region and other regions within the U.S in support of over 17,500 FDA personnel.

EnSoftek Solution

Provided a full range of Information Technology (IT) property management, receiving and distribution, and installation services, which included receiving, preparing for use, delivery, deploying/installing, decommissioning, and pick-up of computers and other IT equipment for all FDA locations within the Mid-Atlantic Region and other regions within the United States..

Managed a multi-million IT Property and Inventory (monitored daily receipt, distribution and PC configuration/installation activities).

Implemented and managed a new automated deployment services process using the Dell Migration Tool (DMT) to support light-touch PC replacement and/or in place migration services.

By implementing new practices it resulted in a positive shift in culture, policies, and procedures for FDA personnel.

Working with FDA, instituted a new client performance survey.

Project Results

Performed a record of almost 1000 PC refresh installations during one month.  We not only met our SLA for transitioning  PC’s from Microsoft  XP at 100% efficiency rating but also exceeded our SLA for the number of PC refreshes to be completed i.e. 6,725 by completing 7,033.

Pioneered the current FDA approved data migration tool (DMT), by doing extensive testing and configuring to ensure the customer’s data, settings, and customizations stayed intact allowing for a seamless transition from one computer to the next

By working with the FDA user and helpdesk community we helped to create ultimate customized data migration tool for the FDA.

Created for the first time in the FDA, and open signup process via SharePoint site whereby customers, based upon the day and time that best suited them, could sign up for their PC refresh

Increased operational efficiency by creating a process that was less obtrusive for the FDA customers.

Transformed the way the FDC conducts it PC installation and refresh process by creating nightly drop-offs, establishing roving teams, and re-writing and updating the FDA SOP’s based upon new service delivery methods

Instituted a new graphics report that provided a weekly and monthly snapshot of the status of the FDA’s assets, deliveries and surplus, which provided enhanced reporting and transparency to the management of IT property.

Customer surveys of over 1500 reported answers to various aspects of evaluation, the EnSoftek received on an average score of 4.57, using a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest.