Multnomah County, Oregon

IT Professional Services

Client Overview

Multnomah County is the most populous county in Oregon with over 5,600 employees providing services and infrastructure to over 750,000 residents. The County governments are focused on the fundamental building blocks for healthy, safe, resilient and vibrant communities.

Project Challenge

EnSoftek’s contract with Multnomah County, Oregon was to provide information technology professional services (business intelligence/data warehousing, application development, database development and web content management services) on as needed basis. As part of this contract, EnSoftek was awarded several task orders in support of the various departments within Multnomah County.

One of the task orders was to assist Multnomah County to move the Justice Decision Support System (DSS-J) from Oracle, Informatica, and Cognos platform to a new Microsoft SQL platform that will utilizes Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).


The project scope was to make the system available in the new environment with the new tool sets, without redesigning the system and the existing web application, Report Delivery System (RDS), should be able to utilize the migrated database with little or no modifications.

Applied Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse best practices and principles to guide the DSS-J migration project architecture.

Participated in requirements development and developed technical specifications

Implemented SQL Server schema (including DDL & DML), SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reports and SQL Server Analysis Services as required to migrate the DSS-J system.

Implemented system architecture, developing stored procedures, SQL Server Agent Jobs, data cubes and reports.

Conducted JAD sessions with stakeholders to facilitate scheduling and estimation meetings

Trained and mentored technical team members

Supported build and deployment processes using continuous integration, code coverage and build scripts.

Provided technical support

Project Results

Researched options and design solutions to ensure security requirements are met and policies are adhered to

Built new dimensions using MSDN best practices

Fixed Security Application issue with the global connection string.

Increased the performance by rebuilding the objects using Dynamic SQL and Transact SQL (T-SQL)

Built work around solutions to resolve several 3rd party product related issues