Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation (EOAF) selects DrCloudEMR™, specialized Outcome Based EHR system, developed by DrCloud Healthcare Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of EnSoftek, Inc.

Beaverton, OR September 12, 2014

Beaverton, OR: Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation, a leader in the field of alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health treatment for over fifty years, selects DrCloud Healthcare Solutions’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, DrCloudEMR™ to manage patient health care at their multiple facilities in Pendleton and Umatilla County of Oregon.

Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation offers a full range of gender specific programs designed to meet the individual needs of each participant including parenting, education, healthcare, and anger management classes and is procuring the DrCloudEMR™ solution, to enhance and improve outcomes at all locations.

“We are very excited to have DrCloudEMR™ be selected by a premier organization like Eastern Oregon which is so focused on better outcomes.”, said Ramana Reddy, President of EnSoftek, adding, “Our commitment to those who are involved in the recovery process is visible in all facets of our solution.”

Eastern Oregon will be implementing DrCloudEMR™ at all locations in Umatilla County Oregon, serving clients in residential and outpatient settings. Their commitment to provide consistent quality care while measuring and documenting outcomes, OWITS integration, and an easy to use program were some of the major driving factors in selecting DrCloudEMR.

About DrCloud Healthcare Solutions, IncDrCloud Healthcare Solutions, wholly owned subsidiary of EnSoftek, Inc, was created to be a premier provider of Electronic Medical Records system, DrCloudEMR™, with modules and solutions focused on Primary Care, Behavioral Health, Long Term Care, Home Health and Wellness Centers. Special attention has been given to allow organizations the ability to easily document and then assess outcomes based upon objective data.

DrCloudEMR™ provides HIPAA compliant Electronic Medical Records support along with powerful features like: rich practice management, patient management, Nuance SpeechAnywhere voice/speech recognition (dictation), ePrescribing, eBilling, lab connectivity, access from mobile devices and enabling collaboration and Health Information Exchange support.

SBA 8(a) certified EnSoftek, Inc. is an “Enterprise Solutions and Professional Support Services” company. The Company provides diversified services to both public and private sector enterprises, including Information Technology, Research and Development (R&D), Cloud Computing Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, Document/Records Management Solutions and services, and Business Operations Support. EnSoftek has been recognized as one of the “top 25” fastest growing small businesses in the State of Oregon by the Portland Business Journal.

About Eastern Oregon Alcoholism FoundationSince 1960, Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation (EOAF) has taken pride in pursuing its mission of providing safe, secure and effective treatment for chemical dependency with the ultimate goal of fostering self-sufficiency and strengthening families in Eastern Oregon. EOAF is licensed by the State of Oregon and provides a continuum of care including detoxification, residential treatment, transitional and alcohol/drug free housing.

EOAF is dedicated to providing quality treatment services to our clients and customers. We are consistently gathering data in an effort to measure the quality of all of our treatment components and to assist in making data driven changes that enhance the effectiveness of our services. We take great pride in our addiction/recovery programs and our continuum of care. It is our belief that we offer one of the best and most comprehensive addiction treatment programs in Eastern Oregon and look forward to being of assistance to you or your loved ones.